K&N air filters are made to increase the performance of an engine by incorporating more air into it. What makes the filter stand out from the rest is its ability to be washed and reused, making it more durable and efficient. The following are methods you can use to make your cleaning process not only comfortable but appropriate.

Removing the filter

Open up the hood of your car to access the engine compartment. Once you open it, you will quickly recognize the air filter that is usually in many cases, kept in an enormous plastic box. On the off chance that there are ring cinches or hooks holding its place, withdraw them and lift it straight out. The air filters come in various designs; flat, conical or circular, depending on the model of your car. However, the same process of cleaning applies to all of them despite the design.

Stick a towel or some other item into the air admission port to shield dirt from entering the motor after removing the filter.

Examine the filter to know if it requires cleaning

When you notice that your filter seems clogged or the color of the oil coat is rarely visible, then it needs to be cleaned. The K&N company usually advise people that their air filters only require cleaning once you can no longer recognize the pleats on them due to dust residue that has settled on them.

Shake off loose dust

Delicately shake the filter to get rid of the free dust settled on the creases. Make sure not to swing it too roughly or get directly into contact with the pleats to avoid causing damage. You can put on protective gear such as a breathing mask to protect your nostrils from breathing in dust particles and work from outside as it gets messy. A soft brush is safe to use as an alternative because it is gentle and does not cause any damage.

Spray some cleaning solution

An aerosol cleaner usually accompanies the K&N air filter in a spray bottle which you will use. Make sure to spray on both sides as it is crucial to clean the whole filter and not just the dirty pleats. Don’t try to be too economical while spraying as you are required to use a generous amount on each crease. Place it on a piece of cloth or sink while allowing it to soak for a while. This helps to dissolve the dirt so that it comes off with an ace. Do not let it dry on the surface of the filter.

Run water through to rinse it

Hold the air filter under the stream with the goal that the water goes through. The water diverts the residue and soil released by the cleaning solution. Washing from the outside in drives dirt further into the filter. If your air filter is too filthy, you may need to repeat the above steps for a brand-new look. Let the filter dry overnight as it takes from six to eight hours for it to dry completely.

Apply oil

The K&N filter comes with a rechargeable kit that contains oil in either a spray or squeeze bottle. Ensure you apply a generous amount to each pleat. It is easy for you to know just the right amount to apply as the oil has a red color that helps you see the amount used. The filter should be dry before applying the oil. Let it dry for about twenty minutes then place it back to its rightful position. The oil acts as a barrier to dust and other dirt particles and also protects the filter from damage, thus making it durable.

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