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Your daughter has probably asked for her handbag if she is in the tween set. Who sells them durable enough for this age group without being too expensive?

Tween girls want style, and to feel just a little bit more grown-up than they really are. It’s a normal phase for just about any girl between the ages of 9 to 12 years old. One thing your tween might be asking for is a new handbag of her very own. They are very popular with young girls, but finding the right style at the right price can be tricky.

Stores That Sell Handbags That Won’t Break the Bank

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Of course, any realistic parent realizes that tween girls may wax and wane with their interest in lugging around a handbag. Once the novelty wears off, she may find it more burdensome to carry around and stop using it. On the other hand, you might have a fashion diva who wants a different handbag style for every reason and season! This can be a rather scary thought for the family budget.

For these reasons, you want to find one that is reasonably priced, but still chock-full of fashion and style. Here are some stores that you might consider shopping at when looking for the perfect handbag:

  • Claire’s Boutique
  • Target
  • Limited Too
  • Kohl’s
  • The Children’s Place

Make Your Own Designer Handbag

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Craft stores such as Ben Franklin’s and Michael’s have lots of patterns to choose from where tween girls can design and make their own handbag. You can usually find kits that include all the materials you need to get started.

This is a great option for the artistic child who enjoys showing off her creative side. Making a handbag from scratch is oftentimes very reasonable as far as price is concerned, and the satisfaction that your daughter receives from using the finished product is priceless.

Clearances and Discounts on Handbags

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Don’t forget to check out auction sites for handbags. Often you can buy a used upper-end brand, such as Gucci, for the same price as a new lesser-known brand. This is perfect if your daughter is interested in name brands and doesn’t mind having a used handbag.

Handbag clearance sales are always to be found on the Internet. You might see them called purses, pocketbooks, or bags as well. Consider this option when you have other items that you can purchase from the same online store, and oftentimes you can save a bundle on shipping charges or even qualify for free shipping at some places.

Getting that first “real” handbag is a big deal to tween girls. It helps them feel like they fit in at school and social events. It also begins teaching them about responsibility for keeping track of the things that they put into the handbag.

It’s smart to start off with a reasonably priced handbag for this age group. Once you know how dedicated your daughter is to having and acting responsibly with a purse, then you can move on to bigger and better brands later.

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