It is quite impossible to sit down and enjoy good wine by the fire if it has a dirty glass. The sight of the filthy glass irritates, and it makes a fireplace less effective. Lucky enough, with regular cleaning and practice of good wood burning habits, you can have your neighbors wondering how it stays so perfect with minimum effort. Here are helpful steps and tips you can use.

Clean the fireplace glass regularly

Set a day once a week for cleaning the glass to avoid dirt from building up, primarily if you use your fireplace usually. When you use damp or softwood, you might need to clean the glass more than once a week because the soot tends to build up at a faster rate with these types of wood.

Fire prior cleaning

This will help in loosening the soot stain to ace the cleaning process. Before cleaning your glass, consume a couple of hot flames in your chimney or woodstove to slacken up the dirt that has developed on the glass.

Then again, you could consume a creosote removal item or include a couple of enormous spoonful’s of ‘Red Devil Lye’ to the flame box to help mollify and decrease the development.

Give the glass time to cool

You ought to never attempt to clean a chimney or woodstove when it’s hot, and this applies to the glass too. You may break the glass in case you’re not cautious or even get burnt. For safety, purposes give the chimney a chance to cool for about 6 to 8 hours before attempting to clean it. When you are about to begin the cleaning, process, try and check the temperature first as a safety precaution.

Use newspapers or a wipe cloth

A well-maintained fireplace can be easily cleaned by use of a damp cloth. Just wipe the glass with the wet towel, and the soot will come right off. However, in a case where the chimney glass is filthy, you will need to put in some extra effort. Use old newspaper to scrap off the layer of soot and continue doing so till it comes out with very tiny traces of fiery debris.

Use ash to remove soot

Ash has excellent properties such as it entails calcium carbonate and high PH, making it suitable for stripping soot from your glass. Mix some little amount of water and ash to make a paste that you will generously apply to your newspaper. Now you can clean the glass with this in small circular motions to ensure that you don’t miss a spot. I prefer using newspaper to a piece of cloth since cleaning the fabric is a whole lot of work and who wants that?

Use cleaners to remove brown spot

As a result of carbon in flame, brown spots on the glass tend to form. They can be easily be removed by the use of suitable cleaners. Spray and let it sit for about thirty minutes before you can wipe off the dirt and the excess cleaning solution with a damp cloth. Soaps made with ammonia tend to leave unsightly rainbow streaks on your precious glass so try and avoid them at all cost.


The more you clean your fireplace glass, the lesser the effort needed in cleaning, so try and be wise. Do not use a razor blade or any sharp objects to scrape the glass because this will cause damage to the glass. Follow the above steps to achieve that glossy look that you desire so badly. Lastly, use silicone-based cleaners as they form a protective layer on your glass to protect it from soot and dirt build-up.


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