Throw up the smell in a car can be very disgusting and unpleasant. It is a smell that you can’t appreciate holding on. Several methods can be engaged in removing the stench from your car. Before engaging in any of the techniques, you have to lower the windows of the vehicle. It is done so that air can circulate in and then close when you are doing the treatment. Below are some of the main ways on how to get throw-up smell out of your car.

How to Get Throw-Up Smell Out of a Car

Clean up the Area Immediately

The next thing you have to do when you encounter a throw-up smell in your car is to clean up the mess so that it doesn’t soak. Besides, it is easier to clean up when it is wet than when it is dry. By so doing, you are avoiding a prolonged lousy odor that might become hard to eradicate.

The next step is to kill the smell, and there are a few ways that help clear up the stain and the bad odor, discussed as follows;

Use of Enzyme Method

This is the use of enzyme odor removers, which are readily available across supermarket counters. This method is perfect, especially when dealing with fabric upholstery. First, locate the place where the stench smell is coming from and then spray using the enzyme odor remover. If the scent is on the seat, it is better to pour out the odor remover for it to soak thoroughly and then give it time to dry. This process should be repeated severally until the smell vanishes.

The Use of Vinegar

Vinegar is a standard stain and odor remover that is readily available in most supermarkets and is affordable. Better results can be obtained when you use the 5% solution as it is a perfect solution of how to get vomit smell out of car seat. First, you mix a portion of Vinegar with two parts of clean water and then spray the solution on the affected area. Let it dry and record the results. If there is still smell, repeat the same process until it disappears.

Bowl Method

Bowl is a general odor removal method, and it works when used with either enzyme method or Vinegar. Pour either white Vinegar in a bowl, activated charcoal or rather coffee grounds and place them in the car for a night. This brings a decent smell that is more powerful than the stench smell in the vehicle. The bowl of vinegar and coffee grounds should then be removed in the morning. This process can be repeated several days until the scent is exhausted. When using coffee grounds or activated charcoal, it is advisable to use approximately five tablespoons on a plate or bowl for every night until the smell is over.

In conclusion, other methods can be applied other than the above, but they are only applicable when you have cleaned the mess. One of them is the use of an air freshener and avoid using acidic items. They may sometimes make the smell even worse.

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