A shower head generally is a nozzle with distributed perforations that you use to shower and sometimes when used over a while, might generate a build-up of small solid waste. This logs up in the holes, making it hard to pass water. Rust might be another thing that might cause a shower head to stick. When you encounter such a situation, it is necessary to find ways on how to remove stuck shower head.

Before getting started, with a step to amending the problem, try to figure out the following;

Why is your shower head stuck?

A good showerhead can be removed by your hand, and this is one of the primary ways of testing the condition of your shower head. When it becomes stiff, then there might be signs of rust or mineral build-up. If at all these signs are not experienced, then your showerhead might be too tight, which is not a good thing.

Cut off the water supply

It is easier and safer to work with your shower head when the water is not running. This creates a conducive working environment.

Prepare your working area

Plan your working area because you are going to work with tools and chemicals that can damage your bath tab, and much precaution is needed. Your working area should be well covered.

Removing the stuck shower head

Below is the process on how to take off a showerhead if you are unable to remove it with your hand;

A wrench or a pair of pliers can be used to loosen the stuck shower head and make sure that the adjustable pliers or wrench is covered with an old piece of cloth. This is so that the connecting nut area is protected. Tighten the pliers or wrench to the desired adjustment and then turn counter-clockwise, gently until the showerhead is unscrewed. This is the best method on how to take off a showerhead. Penetrating lubricants like WD-40 and liquid can also be used to loosen the stuck shower head.

Use vinegar for cleaning 

After safely removing your shower head, clear the stuck mineral deposits and if it is hard to come out, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and then fasten it over the stuck shower head. Soak it for several hours and then remove to see if the rust or stuck mineral deposits are absent. Remove any remaining rust or mineral deposits from the showerhead and examine it keenly for any other signs.

Reattach your shower head

After carefully clearing the mineral build-up or rust from your shower head, reattach it back. Make sure that you cover the shower arm’s threads using the plumber’s tape. Use your hands to tighten it in the clockwise direction until it is tight to the desired grip.

After reattaching the showerhead back, turn on the water supply and see if there are any other leaks to be rectified.

This is the simplest way on how to remove a shower arm that is stuck and reattaching it back.

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